When ordering prescription drugs, you must have a valid prescription. The prescription must be issued by a licensed doctor. We can accept prescriptions from doctors in regular Chinese hospitals. After receiving your order, we will inform you of the prescription requirements. Please note that over-the-counter drugs do not require a prescription.

The doctors and pharmacists at Hong Kong Global Medicine Trading Co., Ltd. need your health and medication history to properly assess the therapeutic effects of the drug to ensure your health and medication safety.

Hong Kong Global Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. will receive your order, the prescription issued by the doctor and the purchase price, the order will be reviewed by the professional, the prescription will be reviewed by the licensed pharmacist, the correct medicine will be selected for you, and then the delivery will be arranged. The process takes about 7 days and you should receive your medicine 3-6 weeks after payment, depending on the country of manufacture and the city where you live. Hong Kong Global Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. will deliver your medicines through the postal courier service to ensure that you can receive medicines safely. After the drug is sent, we will send an email with the mailing information. Please note: For users who need to renew their drugs for a long time, please be sure to schedule enough time for your next order.

Please refer to the following regulations of China Customs:

Customs clearance of the entry and exit of the People's Republic of China for the entry and exit of personal baggage inspection and entry and the entry and exit of personal postal items.

Mailing special merchandise management

(1) The general treatment medication should be included within the postal packet limits.

(2) For emergency treatment medications, such as: treatment of cancer, mental illness and other drugs, where a reasonable amount of self-use, can be free from the limit;

(3) If there is no prohibited entry or exit content, it shall be released according to a reasonable amount for self-use, and shall be returned if it exceeds the reasonable amount for self-use.

All your information on our website is strictly confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone else. We use the highest level of technology to protect and secure your information on the Internet (128-bit SSL encryption) without being compromised. Your confidential information will never be sold to any marketing company.

Hong Kong Global Medicine Trading Co., Ltd. can accept Chinese prescriptions issued by Chinese doctors, but the name and dosage of the medicines need to be described in English.

Generic, also known as generic medicine, non-brand medicine. According to the standards of the US FDA and Health Canada, generics have the same drug name, same bioequivalence, safety and strength, and the same route of administration, quality, performance, and use. There is no difference between the two, but the price of generic drugs is much lower than that of branded drugs.


After the original research company of branded drugs first developed the drug, the relevant departments only allowed the original research company to exclusively produce and sell the drugs it developed in order to ensure the implementation of its patents. When the patent for a branded drug expires, other manufacturers can sell generic drugs under the relevant regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. In order to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada, a generic drug must meet the following requirements:


• Contains the same active ingredients and branded drugs

• Have the same strength, dosage form and route of administration

• Have the same indication of use

• Composition, strength, purity and quality of the same batch that meets the requirements

• Comply with the requirements of the branded drug and comply with the production quality management regulations of the US FDA and Health Canada.



Please note that according to the patent law, some generic drugs can be listed in the US, but not listed in Canada. Similarly, there may be certain generic drugs listed in Canada that may not be listed in the US. For your convenience, Hong Kong Global Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. puts all the brands and generic drugs together to make it easier for you to understand their prices.

Non-branded drugs (generic drugs) are as safe and effective as their corresponding branded drugs. Non-branded drugs are subject to the same stringent approval and regulation in Canada and the United States, as are the requirements for branded drugs. Millions of Canadians like to use non-branded drugs because they are reasonably priced and have the same efficacy as branded drugs.

The medicines you receive from Hong Kong Global Medicine Trading Co., Ltd. may be different in shape from other manufacturers, but their chemical composition is the same, so you don't have to worry about it because the shape of the medicines made by different pharmaceutical companies is possible. different.

There are some drugs that have different names in different countries, but the main ingredients of the drugs they contain are the same. Please be sure to carefully identify the Chinese and English names of the drugs. If you find that the drug name has a different English name, you must confirm it with your doctor or ask us for confirmation. For example, a drug known as Prilosec in the United States is known as Losec in Canada.

After receiving your order, we will provide detailed bank information. You must notify us in time after you send the money, we will promptly confirm to you whether you have received the payment.

Our fee includes two parts: 1. The purchase price of the drug, 2. The drug delivery fee. Other than that, there are no other fees.

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